Saturday, March 31, 2012

After Organic is 4!

Be it baby or mother essential needs, home and decor, toys for preschoolers and stationery, you will definitely be able to find some treasures in store at After Organic.

Visit our website today and spread the news!

*Offer valid from 1st April 2012 to 30th April 2012 or while stocks last


Monday, March 26, 2012

Shopping bags from France

Check out our latest collection by artists in France. Categories include shopping bags, puzzles, tableware and notebooks.

To purchase, simply visit our webshop @ 

For new sign ups, you will be given a $5 welcome voucher with no minimum purchase required.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

100% Organic blanket for newborn

We have finally received our first shipment of 100% organic cuddly blanket from Geggamoja! 

These blankies are great for newborn, be it for your baby or as a gift. Most importantly, you will have a peace of mind should your baby puts in his/her mouth. It's 100% organic free which means, it's CHEMICAL FREE!

Enjoy the pictures and shop now @ After Organic with more colours options!

Monday, March 19, 2012

$40 or 40% off selected items

As we have mentioned before, April will be After Organic 4th year anniversary.
And to thank our loyal customers and new fans, we are offering 5 top picks that's well-loved by customers and fans. To participate, simply be a fan of After Organic in Facebook and "like" the item in our 4th anniversary Special album you want to get at the special offer. We will be announcing the top picks on 1st April.
Meantime, enjoy the pictures :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

After Organic is turning 4 this April!

To thank our loyal customers and new fans that have just joined us, we are now offering $40 or 40% off (whichever is lower) to selected products in our "4th anniversary Special" album.

For more details, please contact us via facebook.

It's sharing time!

Friday, March 16, 2012

City Square Mall 2nd Anniversary

City Square Mall is 2! Yes, and congratulation to Singapore first eco mall.

With a line up of events from Korean Festival to 2nd Anniversary Special from participating stores, there's definitely something for everyone!

Below are some places you might like to check out if you are planning to visit the mall:

  • Genius R Us #07-08 
  • Four Seasons Organic Market #03-46 
  • "K"rafers Paradise #04-19
  • Moms' Cottage #03-45 (You can find all our products there!)
  • Astons Speciality #01-30

Below are some promotions I'm aware of:
  • Genius R Us is presently offering a 33% off a workshop at for a limited period. 
  • Four Seasons Organic Market is open for membership now and as a member, you will get to enjoy 50% off their food menu (no idea if it's permanent or for a limited time) You will also earn royalty points for your purchases.
  • Moms' Cottage is offering $2 and $20 and discount offers between 20% to 70% for selected items.

For more details, do visit their website :

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Facts about diaper

Deciding between disposable or cloth diaper for your baby? You might like to think twice about disposable diaper after reading the below.

I guess due to convenience, a lot of parents will opt to get disposable diaper for their little ones but little do they know that some of these diaper will take up to 500 years to biodegrade in the landfill! Yes, we are talking about 500 years and seriously, it's no joke as diaper are the third largest contributors to landfill. 

Unlike environmentally friendly or cloth diaper, disposal diaper often contain chemicals and baby with 5 times thinner skin than adults will be more prone to rashes and allergies.

I personally came across gDiaper a few years back through surfing net and was instantly in love with how their diaper works. A little effort that goes a long way. Enjoy the clip!

gDiaper is also offering $10 off for first order by using the coupon code: TRYIT

Monday, March 12, 2012

The start of primary school

When it's time for your first child to enrol Primary 1, what are your main concerns base on the below?

  • Environment
  • Teaching system
  • Convenience
  • Recommendation
I have recently spoken to a parent and she shared that she enrolled  her child to North Vista Primary School 
located at Compassvale Link. From what I understand, the teaching method is similar to tactile teaching which I find it's pretty good as I believe kids absorb better through concept and hand-ons. 

Share with us if you already have kids in primary schools and what are your likes and dislikes. 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Why polypropylene


Before polypropylene was invented, the gaseous waste from oil such as propylene and ethylene were simply burned, because they were useless. Today, these gases are used to produce polypropylene, thus drastically reducing atmospheric pollution. The production process also eliminates the potential polluting of rivers, streams and lakes, due to the use of water in a closed cooling cycle.

The polypropylene used is entirely recyclable and meets the manufacturing requirements of the Environment Commission - these stipulate that there is a minimum use of natural resource, reduced emissions a long working life and optimum re-use.
There is a high demand for polypropylene for recycling purposes as it can be recycled more than 50 times without any reduction in strength. Recycled polypropylene has uses as car parts, furniture, pots and pallets separators.

As well as being the most durable and flexible material for making binders, folders and packaging, polypropylene is far more environmentally and economically sound than rival products such as standard plastics and PVC.
Polypropylene, unlike PVC, does not give off chlorine when burnt. It gives off only water vapour and carbon dioxide, which is converted by photosynthesis (chlorophyll). It is a chemically inert product. To incinerate some materials, extra fuel needs to be added. Polypropylene however, is destroyed simply by burning, because its calorific capacity is similar to that of oil. Thus incinerators economise on fuel and operate more efficiently.

Polypropylene products last much longer than those made from most similar materials. It is easy to wipe clean, hard wearing and will withstand extreme temperatures and ageing. Being more durable than alternative materials, products made from polypropylene don't need to be replaced as often. When used for packaging, boxes and cases often have a second 'life'. Saving cost, resources, our environment and our future.Essentially, polypropylene benefits the environment in various aspects. Because it is a thermoplastic, it can be melted countless times. At the same time, it has a high melting point of 170oC so it can be sterilized and used repeatedly.All in all, it benefits the environment at its physical properties allow it to be used over and over again. 

Credit to: Access

Friday, March 9, 2012

Puj Tub

The first time when I saw Puj Tub, I was thinking this is a fabulous creation. 

Unlike the big tub you use to bath your baby, Puj Tub fits to your sink and reduces backache problems which most of us face. The non-slip material wraps around your baby, keeping him/her cradled and protected. It's also PVC and BPA-free, giving your child ultimate comfort without exposing to harmful chemicals.

Price: US$40

As babies outgrow fast, some parents are concern about the lifespan as it's only meant for the first few months but I feel for the sake of comfort and hassle free, it's worth the splurge. 

Damages from conventional cotton

I first started to be aware of the importance of supporting organic and environmentally friendly products was through the below video clip.

Counting my blessing, I want to help within my means and that's the time After Organic was born. I feel that I'm so lucky to be born in Singapore and not going through what these people have to because of poverty.

If it's within your means, support organic products which is beneficial not only to you and your family but also to others and our planet, the big home that all of us live in. It's better than doing donations.

Organic shops in Singapore

This thread will be useful for Singaporeans looking for organic products which include food and clothing. Simply click on the links to find out what's in store.

Four Seasons Organic Market - Located @ Great World City, City Square Mall and Parkway Parade
Super Nature  - Located @ Park House Condominium and The Paragon
Nutrimax Organic - Located @ Golden Landmark
Best Organic Food - Tampines Street 21
Aussie Organics - Prudential Tower
Love for Earth - Located @ Holland Road Shopping Centre and My Village
Belle and Dean - Located @ International Plaza
After Organic - Online Store
BGO Singapore - Online Store

Should you know of any other organic stores, do share with everyone that visits this blog. Much appreciated!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Classes for young

Planning to enroll your kids to a school?

With all the choices available in the market, what are your concerns before enrolling your child to a school?

I realized a lot of Singaporeans are more concern about the academic results than moral education. Not that it's wrong as life is so competitive nowadays even for kids. But I still prefer to see the innocence of a child, growing up in a well nurtured environment so I will prefer schools that put more importance on EQ. 

I personally like this school called Leap SchoolHouse located at City Square Mall.

They encourage activities like role-playing, singing etc which engage children together and learn about teamwork, sharing and participate in meaning tasks.

Do you have a good recommendation too? Don't wait. Start sharing!

Puzzle for kids

Check out the latest creation by Geared for Imagination ~ Topozoo

What is Topozoo?

Topozoo is a Made in USA, eco friendly, creative new puzzle that will definitely keep your kids occupied for hours (at least for me as I just can't keep my hands off them once started!)

I love the fact that it's formaldehyde-free and made from 100% recycled wood fiber. The color stains are non-toxic, solvent-free, water-based and contain zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds)

Topozoo products include:

All Topozoo collections are compatible which allow you to mix and match to create thousands of different animals! That's what we call creativity.

Should I get baby sling or carrier?

A lot of people were asking me which is better? Baby sling or carrier.

From my personal opinion, I still have a preference for baby sling. It's not that carriers are not good but I love the closeness with baby when using a sling. Carrier will be a good replacement when your child is above 6 months as good carriers can help to keep your posture and reduce backache problems.

For baby sling, you can check out Pupsik Studio where they have a wide range of prints for selection. Prices range between SG$45.90 to SG$59.90 

For baby carrier, I will recommend Beco baby carrier. Beco carries 2 collection: Butterfly 2 and Gemini ~ Made of organic cotton

Looking for a nice and non toxic gifts for little ones?

Check out Maple Landmark Woodcraft which started since 1979. Their collection compliance with all safety standard which gives parents a peace of mind.

NameTrain collections come with guarantee which so far, I have yet to see from another company offering such service.

Now available @ After Organic

Cuddly Blanket made from 100% organic cotton

Cuddly blanket from Sweden will be available at After Organic in couple of weeks and it's getting me excited! Why? Coz I can't resist organic products, especially for babies!

Babies skin are known to be tender and soft but do you know that they are 5 times thinner than adults? Due to this reason, I have always shared with my customers that at least for the first year, try to let your baby live the organic lifestyle. Building baby immune system is a priority to avoid future problems. 

Like my mum that brought us up and now to my kid, nieces and nephews, she always used old clothes to wear for all of us. The reason is, these clothes are old and wash numerous times thus there's lesser (maybe no?) chemicals or pesticides remains within the clothes. There's also always a saying that babies are more obedient wearing old clothes but  what I believe is, their skin are not irritated by the new conventional cotton clothes which are full of chemicals and pesticides.

New Generals ~ The fashion statement for kids

While surfing net, I happened to come across this new brand called New Generals and definitely it's leading like a general!

Check out some of their collection:

Dress up your kids room in a fun way!

Modern Design Made of Coated Cardboard

Krooom ensures that the entire design and production process adheres to the initial objective  to create beautiful designs that make the product functional, aesthetic and available to all. The sleek designs combine a range of colors and prints and high gloss lamination, with a unique spin that can be adapted to individual requirements and style.

Through experience, Krooom has been able to maximize the potential of the material, using it better than ever before both aesthetically and technically, and is now able to focus on design.

With an eye for innovation, Kroooms products are strong and sturdy but also lightweight and can be folded flat. Advanced patented technology ensures that no corrugated edges are visible, the items are completely printable, meet the standards of moisture resistance, and are of course environmentally friendly.

Now available at